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Important Reasons Why Your Business Must Turn to Green Packaging

Important Reasons Why Your Business Must Turn to Green Packaging

Let us look at how and why you must embrace green packaging for your business.

  • Reduce Wastage

One of the ways to achieve sustainable packaging is by reducing wastage and eliminating excess packaging. When you eliminate excess package, the shipments automatically become lighter and it will allow you to fit greater quantities of products on pallets, retails shelves and shipping containers.

Reducing packaging waste does not mean it has to compromise the integrity of the product as it still needs to protect the product from any damage while shipping. You can reduce the packaging waste by removing unnecessary materials from various processes. You may even change the packaging material to help with retail visibility as well as reduce shipping costs apart from minimising waste. For example, switching glass jars to a flexible pouch for food products.

  • Package from Sustainable Sources

You can greatly improve the company’s sustainability index score by procuring packaging materials from sustainable sources. One of the best options to consider would be the materials that are post-consumer recycled. Numerous local recycling programs have a lot of material that they don’t really use and they are willing to give it to companies that can use those materials in any way. You can source such materials and use them for packaging and shipping your products. Essentially, you can easily get recycled and sustainable materials at a low cost in abundance if you are willing to use them.

  • Embrace Recycling Opportunities

Find ways to recycle different materials you use in your facility. One of the most common ways to increase recycling in the production process is by increasing the use of reusable transport packaging. This will not only provide secure shipping but also helps in lowering the supply chain system costs and reducing the environmental impact.

  • Helps Improve Brand Image

Using environmentally friendly packaging significantly improves your brand image. As soon as your customers and clients realise that you are using sustainable resources, you will score major brownie points from them as it shows that you don’t just care for the planet but are also an extremely responsible and environmentally conscious company. When the brand image improves, the company’s profits will rise and improve your ROI. Active and smart packaging has the potential to make a significant contribution towards enhancing the reach of your brand.

  • Saves Money

Green packaging is an extremely cost-effective alternative due to the easily available materials that are used in packaging and their lower price. Other aspects like procurement, shipping and storage costs are also minimal when it comes to sustainable packaging. In short, green packaging solutions not only reduce the company’s environmental footprint but also help in increasing the overall profits and goodwill.

When you adopt an environmentally friendly packaging design, it will give your business a competitive edge in the market. Since it demonstrates awareness and compassion towards the environment, it can act as a persuasive factor for customers to choose your product over your competitors. It is safe to say that green