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Biodegradable Disposable Kitchen Gloves

It’s no secret that kitchen food prep and handling require good quality gloves to protect their customers from contamination and germs. With sustainable living being high on many Australians’ agendas, many consumers and businesses are concerned about how their kitchen gloves impact our environment. The great news is that you can keep your hands safe and hygienic and the planet green with the Biotuff range of disposable kitchen gloves. Perfect for food handling and sanitary practices, our kitchen gloves give businesses and kitchens the green edge in food preparation and kitchen duties.

Our biodegradable kitchen gloves allow consumers to gain all the benefits of tough disposable glove that is gentle on the environment. Offering an eco-friendly solution to kitchen cleaning and food preparation needs. Hugely beneficial for those working in deli and food preparation businesses when having hygienically clean hands is vital for your customers and food safety. No longer feel guilty with run-of-the-mill plastic disposable gloves. Our range of biodegradable and compostable kitchen gloves can provide tough and durable protection while reducing landfill waste and emissions.

Food Handling Gloves - Compostable & Eco Friendly

Our kitchen gloves come in various sizes and order quantities and are US FDA and EU food contact compliant. The range of kitchen gloves is puncture and tear-resistant and are built for comfort. Breathable and tough, the Biotuff biodegradable kitchen gloves offer superior protection for all of your kitchen requirements. They can be composted in aerobic industrial composting facilities or home compost and are proud to be 100% GMO-free. Independently verified and maintaining all Australian Standards for compostable materials, our kitchen gloves provide businesses and homeowners the options to keep green and sustainable while maintaining hygienic kitchen practices. So whether you run a commercial kitchen, a budding home chef, or a sandwich-building business, we have a range of kitchen gloves to suit your needs. Perfect for greengrocers, deli operators, commercial enterprises, and home use.

Australia's Choice For Food Preparation Gloves

Proven to reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions, Biotuff products are environmentally friendly and sustainable for modern-day businesses and homes. Biotuff are the leader in manufacturing sustainable, eco-friendly products that are cost-effective and readily available. We are dedicated to helping solve the plastic problems of today while preventing potential future problems. By choosing Biotuff biodegradable kitchen gloves, you are helping pave the way for a better and more sustainable future.