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FOGO Bin Liners & Biodegradable Gargabe Bags 

Consumers no longer have to contemplate their environmental impact with the bin liners they use. The range of Biotuff compostable rubbish bin liners and biodegradable bin liners allows many Australian homes to get the green tick of approval with their home waste. These compostable garbage bin liners range from Biotuff, providing strength, durability, and affordability, to environmentally friendly homes nationwide.

The biodegradable bin liners are also Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) approved, providing ease to Australian households to reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate landfill problems. FOGO bin liners allow many families to transform their waste into top-quality golden compost that hugely benefits gardens, parklands, and plant growth. FOGO bin liners are wonderful for collecting and disposing food waste. They can also be easily popped into the freezer – think those ultra-smelly kitchen waste, such as meat scraps and shellfish, before popping them in the council bin closer to collection. Keeping your council composting bins smell-free.

FOGO Bags - Compostable Rubbish Bin Liners

Biotuff’s range of compostable garbage bags and biodegradable bin liners are certified compostable to Australian and European standards and are independently verified. While also being approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), they're proven to reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions. The premium choice for Australian homes that are puncture and tear-proof while being renowned for their toughness and leak-proof qualities. Biotuff's compostable bin liners and biodegradable rubbish bags have a longer shelf life and a unique soft touch, making them the perfect choice for an environmentally conscious home.

BIOTUFF - Eco-Friendly Bio Plastic Bags  

Easily compostable in aerobic industrial composting facilities (the process of using oxygen or bacteria). They come in various sizes, allowing Australian homes to take advantage of their compostable needs. There is the perfect size to fit your existing bin.


  • 8l bin liners – perfect for small homes and offices for all their waste needs. 8l bin liners are ideal for smaller composting or FOGO bin liner collection or for storing smaller waste and storing it in the freezer until pick-up day. Also great for lining home compost bins for the garden.
  • 20l bin liners – the optimal choice for smaller kitchen bins. The Biotuff 20l bin liner is also perfect for office situations.
  • 30l bin liners – a popular choice for kitchens. The 30l bin liner option is excellent for small families or those with up to two to three people in the home.
  • 36l bin liners – allowing more options for the eco-friendly home. The 36l bin liners offer more variety and space for small families or living situations.
  • 50l bin liners - the prevalent choice for larger homes and are common in most kitchens. The 50l bin liners can provide quickly contain waste for four.
  • 60l bin liners – an excellent option for bigger homes and those needing additional waste space. The 60l bin liner can easily stow waste for four to five people.
  • 80l bin liners – the biggest in the Biotuff range, the 80l bin liners can provide eco-friendly waste storage for larger families and busy environments. This council bin liner is also available in 120/140l bin liner size and 240l council bin liner size.

Biotuff Xtra Tuff council bin liners and garden sacks are also available in 54L and 80L sizing.

Biotuff are the leader in manufacturing sustainable, eco-friendly products that are cost-effective and readily available. Biotuff is dedicated to helping solve the plastic problems of yesterday while preventing potential future problems. By choosing Biotuff compostable bin liners and biodegradable bin liners, you are helping pave the way for a better and more sustainable future.