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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Bin Liners

Reduce your carbon footprint easily with the range of kitchen tidy bin liners from Biotuff. Eco-friendly and environmentally sound, these kitchen bin liners are allowing many Australian homes to reduce their carbon emissions and environmental impact in their homes. Removing ample rubbish from landfills around the nation, Biotuff is an industry leader in providing sustainable options to Australians, regardless of their waste needs. An affordable green option for many households, the kitchen tidy bin liner range is the premium choice for those environmentally conscious kitchens looking for biodegradable garbage bags.

Robust, durable, and leak-proof, they are the perfect solution to home waste. Biodegradable and compostable, the Kitchen Tidy Bin Liners range are also home-compostable. All bin liners are manufactured using renewable resources from plant-based thermoplastic corn starch resins and high-end technology. The standard kitchen bin size makes these kitchen bin liners a convenient choice. Boasting a longer shelf life and a unique soft touch, it’s no surprise they are so popular with many busy kitchen environments.

Biotuff kitchen bin liners come in a range of sizes, including: 8l kitchen tidy bin liners, 20L general use bin liners, 30l general use bin liners, 36l general use trash bin liners, 50l general use bin liners, and 60l general use bin liners. The Biotuff range of kitchen tidy bin liners contain star gusset and tie handles for ease of use in any situation.

Kitchen Tidy Bin Liners

These kitchen tidy bin liners are also experts at controlling odour and dissipating moisture and are puncture and tear-resistant. All Biotuff kitchen bin liners are independently verified and accredited to Australian and European compostable and biodegradable standards while also being endorsed by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

The Biotuff range reduces landfill waste and carbon emissions while allowing households around Australia to have an environmentally friendly option for their kitchen waste. It’s never been easier or more affordable to make a clean green choice for your kitchen waste needs.

Biotuff are the leaders in manufacturing sustainable, eco-friendly products, that are cost-effective and readily available. Biotuff is dedicated to helping solve the plastic problems of yesterday while preventing potential future problems. By choosing Biotuff kitchen bin liners and kitchen tidy bin liners, you are helping pave the way for a better and more sustainable future.